Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Celebration and December Minutes

Dawn Lemons setting up the buffet.
Donna Wesseman and Dawn Lemons

Members adding items to the buffet.
Faith Smith taking pictures. 

Members arriving for the evening.

Stevie Scaramelli, Betty Stanton, Janelle Jackson and Peggy Stocks catching up before the meeting.

Peggy Stocks showing the blocks she made for the Quilt in a Box challenge.  Also pictured, Ruth Hicks.

Faith Smith sharing her Quilt in a Box blocks.
Gift table

A special thanks to Dawn Lemons and Ruth Hicks for the wonderful work they did decorating and preparing for the evening's event.

Minutes for the December 10th meeting

The December meeting was called to order by the president, Rachel Wessels, at 6:30.    
Guests were Donna Coltrain and Laura Delafey.

The November minutes were read and approved.

Karen Hanny gave the treasurer’s report.  The guild has $1538.48 in the treasury.

Members celebrating December birthdays were Janelle Jackson, Betty Stanton, Sue Perozek, and Sue Marlett.

Old Business –
Betty Jo Pernell’s name was drawn in November to attend the quilt show at Hampton RoadsShe accepted the guild’s funding of this trip.

Stevie Scaramelli announced the nominations of the new board members for the next two years.  They are as follows:  Donna Wesseman, president; Debbie Powell, vice president; Kathy Faucette, secretary and Belinda Leach, treasurer.  Faith Smith made a motion to pass the slate of officers with Karen Hanny making the second.  Motion passed.

New Business –
A card was passed for members to sign for Georgia Darnell on the death of her mother.

Names of the participants in this year’s challenge were entered in a drawing.  Names drawn for prizes were Linda Overton and Kathy Faucette.

Following the business meeting, those in attendance enjoyed appetizers and desserts brought by members.

Program –

The evening’s program consisted of those participating in the year long Quilt in a Box challenge showing and distributing the blocks they made for the others.

Rachel Wessels had several items for show and share.

Following a gift exchange, the December meeting was adjourned.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Minutes from November 12, 2012

The November 12 meeting was called to order by Vice President, Debbie Powell at 6:30.    

October minutes were read and approved.

The guild treasury contains $1613.48 as reported by Karen Hanny, treasurer. 

November birthdays were celebrated by Velvet Boyd, Lynne Paticky, Debbie Powell, Thearcia Burroughs, Kathy Soloman, and Helen Harris.

Old Business –
Clarice O’Neil shared that $531 was donated to American Heart Association in Kathy Stinson’s name.  The money was raised in a raffle of two quilts started by Kathy and finished by Clarice.

The nominating committee reported they had a secretary, Kathy Faucette, and a treasurer, Belinda Leach, for the 2013-2014 term.  They are still looking for a president and vice president

The Christmas committee had not met at the time of the November meeting.  Those members in attendance decided the guild would have a gift exchange of a $5 gift bagged or wrapped.  Members whose last name started with A-L would bring a dessert and members whose last names started with M-Z would bring appetizers.    Faith Smith volunteered to pick up chicken strips.  The Christmas committee would be responsible for drinks and serving items.   

The Quilt in a Box Challenge will conclude at the December meeting with participants displaying the blocks they made then returning the blocks to each other.

New Business –
Kathy Soloman handed out the pattern chosen by Sue Perozek for her challenge block to those members willing to complete the blocks Sue could not.

Members were asked to think about  ideas on how to spend our money, challenge, programs and workshop for the upcoming year.

A motion was made and passed to give Amanda Gardner $25 for teaching the Twisted Sister workshop.

A motion was made and passed to donate $50 to the Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen for allowing us to use their annex for the November meeting.

Program –
The evening’s program was a fashion show of quilted items made and worn by our members.  Those participating were Belinda Alston, Faith Smith, Helen Harris, Stevie Scaramelli, and Kaye Pegram.

Show and Tell items were presented by Betty Stanton, Faith Smith, Linda Overton, Kaye Pegram, Donna Compton, Jane Reeder, Velvet Boyd, Belinda Alston, and Stevie Scaramelli.

The drawing for Hampton Roads trip was held.  The first name drawn was Betty Jo Pernell.  Runners up were Rachel Wessels and Phyllis Murphy.

The November meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May, 2012 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Rachel Wessels at 6:30.

Treasurer’s report – Karen reported there is $1926.75 in the treasury.  There were 370 raffle tickets sold for a total of $617.  Fran Lambertz held the winning ticket that was sold by Stevie Scaramelli.

April Birthdays were celebrated by Georgia Darnell, Carole Hargrove, Clarice O’Neill, Jane Reeder and Rachel Wessells.  Those celebrating May birthdays included BK McCloud and Ruth Hicks.                 

Old Business –
Five guilds were represented at Marilyn Doheny’s Trunk Show in April.
It was suggested that those participating in quit in box might need to add fabric to their box.
Rachel read a thank you note from Pat Mosley for the $100 donation to the Senior Center.

New Business -   
Peggy Stocks and Lynn Paticky have quilts on display at the 2012 North Carolina Community Colleges Art Exhibition.  Their quilts are on display in the Caswell Building, headquarters for the NC Community College System Office in Raleigh.

A motion was made and passed to donate $100 to the Presbyterian Church for allowing us to use their fellowship hall for the Marilyn Doheny trunk show.

Dawn Lemons shared her first and last quilts.  Her first quilt was a sampler she completed in Peggy Stocks’ class.  Her last quilt is a Disappearing Nine Patch.  Sharing first and last quilts in June will be Jane Reeder and Ruth Hicks.

The evening’s program included Lynn Paticky sharing her methods for marking quilts for quilting.  Jane Reeder explained a technique for creating fabric collage.  Faith Smith explained how to measure for half square triangles and hourglass units.

Those sharing completed projects were Georgia Darnell, Peggy Stocks, Linda Overton, Debbie Powell, Velvet Boyd, Rachel Wessels, Donna Compton, Jane McBride, and Belinda Leach.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

March Minutes and Anita's Arrowhead Workshop

The meeting was called to order by Rachel Wessels at 6:30.

Visitors included Joan from Lake Gaston’s quilt guild.

Kaye Peagram, Karen Hanny, Dawn Lemons and Donna Wesseman celebrated March birthdays.

Treasurer’s report –

Karen reported after collecting some dues and paying for the Hampton trip, the balance in the treasury is $1234.87.

Old Business –

Raffle tickets are continuing to be sold. The raffle quilt will be on display at the April trunk show. Raffle tickets will be sold that evening.

New Business -

There will be no April business meeting as we will be hosting a trunk show by Marilyn Doheny. The trunk show will take place at the First Presbyterian Church.

Betty Jo Pernell and Belinda Alston shared of their trips to Hampton Roads quilt show.

Members were reminded of the Anita’s Arrowhead workshop to be held on Saturday, March 24, at Miss Lou’s.

First and last quilts were shared by Lynn Patiky and Donna Compton. Lynn’s first quilt was a sampler that was all hand pieced and quilted. Her last quilt top was a Civil War Sampler that she hand pieced.

Donna’s first quilt was a Watercolor. Her last quilt was of appliqued butterflies made from handkerchiefs.

The evening’s program included several members sharing their expertise. Kaye Peagram explained how to create a flange for a quilt. Debbie Powell demonstrated a product called Texture Magic, which shrinks once steam is applied creating texture in the fabric. Lynn Currin shared several different paper products and techniques that can be used for marking quilts for quilting.

Door prizes were awarded to Susan Perozek and Lynn Patiky.

Quilt in the Box boxes were exchanged.

Lynn Patiky's first quilt. A hand pieced and hand quilted sampler.

Lynn's last quilt is a Civil War Sampler.

Donna Compton's first quilt was a watercolor.

Donna's last quilt is one of appliqued butterflies made from handkerchiefs.

Busy ladies at the Anita's Arrowhead workshop.
Nikki Moshier and Rachel talking about quilting.

Squaring up the blocks.
Some of the finished blocks.