Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Movies in Quilts

Friday, September 6, Vance Quilts R Us hosted an evening of entertainment.  Guild members, members from surrounding guilds and interested people from the community enjoyed viewing and voting on challenge quilts created by guild members, a wonderful assortment of treats including popcorn and movie theater candies.  The feature presentation for the evening was a lecture from quilt artist, Amy Stewart Winsor.

The guild's annual challenge was to create a quilt around a movie.  The quilt needed to include a pieced block, applique and embellishment and could not be larger than thirty inches.  
(Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.)
"Lord of the Rings" was created by Stevie Scaramelli and was awarded second runner up.
First runner up was a quilt created by Patty McCrory and depicted the movie, "French Kiss".
Grand prize winner was "The Wizard of Oz" created by Donna Wesemann.
Brenda Seaman entered her quilt of "Yours, Mine and Ours".
Debbie Powell created a quilt depicting the movie "Harry Potter".
Wendy Krusie entered her quilt "Grease".
Also included in the evening was a "Stash for Cash".  Members brought sewing and craft related items to sell and the guild received a percentage of the sales.  There was a wide variety of items and many of those items were sold.

The evening's highlight was a lecture by Amy Winsor about her art quilts and how she creates them.  Many of her quilts do not follow any traditional rules used in quilting.

On Saturday, September 7, members and guests participated in a workshop presented by Amy Winsor on "Curvaceous Pieced Houses for the Precision Impaired". 

It was a weekend enjoyed by many quilters and non-quilters alike.