Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet The Quilter

Welcome to our first segment of "Meet The Quilter" where a member of our guild will be interviewed for recognition on our blog!

Name: Faith V. Smith

How long have you been quilting? Since 1995

Who or what got you interested in quilting? My mother, Sally Vaughan, quilted. She died in 1980. I have always had an interest in quilting. In 1995 there was a display of kids quilts made by the members of Vance Quilts R' Us for the Ronald McDonald House. One of these had a label made by Peggy Stocks. That September I read in the local paper that she was teaching beginning quilt making at Vance Granville Community College. I signed up and took classes for 2 years. I used all of my vacation time from work to attend classes half a day each week. We were taught to hand piece and all of the basic quilting skills. But it was not long before the sewing machine took over all of my piecing.

What is your favorite style of quilting? I really like traditional quilting. I also had a hard time buying expensive fabric. My mind set was a quilt was made from scraps. I still like scraps - just expensive fabric scraps now.

What is your favorite type of quilt? I like bed size quilts and large throw sizes. But I do make a lot of crib size.

Do you make your own patterns or are you more comfortable using published patterns? I like using patterns that have been published by others. But one day I do want to design my own. I have done some design work on small quilt pieces.

How many quilts have you made? Bed size - 40 / Large throw - 19 / Crib - 56 / Wallhangings - 16 / Art - 9

How many of the quilts that you have made, do you still own? 45

Do you enter your quilts in shows? Yes!

Have you won ribbons on your quilts that have hung in shows and if so how many ribbons do you have at present? I have (3) 1st place, (7) 2nd place, (1) 4th pace, (1) 5th place, and (1) Viewer's Choice ribbons.

What do you do with the quilts you make? I have given more than 60% away and the rest are either on display or in storage in my home.

What charitable organizations, if any, are you associated with in your quilting? Ronald McDonald House, Hero Quilts for the Wounded, Social Services children, Domestic Violence, Allpeoplequilt pillowcases

What type of fabrics do you like to work with? Cottons of good quality. And I still have a passion to work with scraps.

Have you ever taken any quilting classes with nationally known teachers? I have taken classes with Priscilla Hair, Scott Murkin, Kim Deneault, Pepper Cory, Cathy Wiggins, Judy Lily, Susan Brittingham, and Jinny Beyer.

Is there anything else you would like for us to know? Peggy Stocks first taught me to quilt and I owe most of what I know to her. I would also like to recognize Debbie Powell who operates Miss Lou's Quilting Studio for being an inspiration to me as well. I would also like to give a special thanks to Thearica Burroughs who operates Cover Your Little Piggies Quilting Studio and Gift Shop. She is part responsible for 6 of the 13 ribbons I have won. Those of you who have the good fortune to have her quilt for you are blessed. She takes my piecing and turns it into a prize winning quilt and for that I am grateful.

Thank you Faith for a lovely interview!

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