Monday, January 26, 2015

Welcome to a New Year and a New Board!

First off, Thank You so much to our previous board members.  President Donna Wessemann, Vice President Debbie Powell, Treasurer Belinda Leach, and Secretaries Kathy Faucette and Wendy Kruskie. The last few years have been wonderful and we appreciate all your hard work and efforts. Thanks to Peggy Stocks for continuing the role of Advisor. Thanks to Sarah Baskerville for all of the BOM's that she provided us. Thanks to Sue Marlette for helping out so much with hospitality. Thanks to Kathy Solomon for continuing to make our newsletter. Lastly but most recently Thank You to our Christmas Committee (Lynn Currin, Ruth Hicks, Dawn Lemons, BK McCloud, and Lynn Patiky) for the exceptional work they did with our Christmas party.  As you can see we all enjoyed each others company at this lovely event.

Lot's of laughter as we passed gifts back and forth and round and round.    Thank You Ruth for reading this entertaining story.

December Show and Tell

Joanna Liguz shares a cute yo yo necklace!

What stupendous work by Ruth Hicks!

Jane Reeder shares not one, but two beauties!

Rachel Wessells shows a cute bag!

and Wendy Kruskie has been busy stitching out 3 quilts for Christmas gifts.

 We are starting off 2015 with our new board members.  President Monica Sleboda, Vice President Brenda Seaman, Treasurer Lynn Patiky and Secretary Wendy Kruskie. Kathy Solomon will continue to provide us with our newsletter. At our first meeting we voted and the motion was approved to keep hospitality (water and snacks only) and a big Thank You to Dawn Lemons for volunteering to oversee Hospitality. 

 We also handed out a survey and here are the results:

1)  Fat Quarters: Results were a resounding yes that the group wanted to continue to bring Fat Quarters each month so February is anything Valentines      

     related (Red's, hearts, white, etc)
2)   Block of the month: 16 yes 14 no/no answer So we will be looking for someone who would be willing to head the block of the month
3)  Raffle Quilt: 17 yes 11 no/no answer
4)  Quilt Show: 16 yes 11 no/no answer (Would love to get a strong committee together for this and see if we could do this at the Library)
5)  Booth Rental at the Quilt Show: 20 yes 8 no/no answer

Any volunteers for BOM would be greatly appreciated.  We are moving forward with our commitment to make a quilt for the Vance County Extension office.  Stevie and Debbie are putting quilt kits together and will be available at one of our upcoming meetings.  If you have any other information to share or pictures of our show and tell in January, please send to me and I will update the blog.  Don't forget to bring your name tag and a Valentine Themed fat quarter to the February meeting.  See you there!

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